Weekend Writing Warriors #55!

Good morning, my peeps! How’s everybody doing? I’ve spent a lot of time writing this weekend to make up for my inability to speak. #LaryngitisProblems. But the good news is that the sequel to Steeped in Love is well underway. Next week I’ll share a bit of it with you! For now, enjoy another snippet from Steeped!


Weekend Writing Warriors #52!

Gooooood morning, all you fabulous people! This is the 52nd Sunday snippet I’ve posted on my not-so-new-anymore blog, which is a whole year’s worth of writing! How cool is that? Thanks to all of you for visiting each and every Sunday. Now, here’s a special treat for your loyalty…a hot and fresh snippet from Steeped in Love! 🙂


Weekend Writing Warriors #51!

Happy October! Happy Fall! Happy Sunday! Happy happy! 😀

Hiiiiiii! I might be typing this whilst under the influence of alcohol. I attended my brother’s wife’s sister’s wedding (does that sound as complicated as I think it does?) on Saturday, and the party is still a’rockin’! So, let’s get things rockin’ here, too, with another snippet from Steeped in Love…my newly COMPLETED story!