Top of the muffin to you, my friends! It’s been a beautiful weekend here in the nation’s capital. Sunny, warm weather makes Julie a happy girl. You know what else makes me happy? Sharing snippets from Love Unleashed with you! Here’s the latest!

Continuing from where we left off…

After waving their final group out the door, Hannah exhaled deeply and slumped over the display counter, resting her head on her forearms. Eighteen six-year-olds was . . . a lot. Exhausted beyond all comprehension, she was grateful when Lisa volunteered to start the cleanup process in the kitchen.

“Remind me to give you a raise,” she mumbled against the back of her hand.

Kids were great, though. In small doses. And Diana Clarkson seemed like a super-not-annoying kid. Unlike her father. And truthfully, it wasn’t even that annoying having Kent there with her. She liked his dark-rimmed glasses and wondered if he’d been wearing a Superman tee beneath his button-up shirt.

***End of WWW post, but carry on to finish this sequence.***

He was a little too buttoned-up for her liking, though. Too careful, too conservative. Maybe that came from having a kid and all the strings parenthood entailed. Hannah didn’t like the idea of being tied down—unless a bed was involved—and his life was full of strings, obligations.

Okay, enough thinking about someone we don’t need to be thinking about.

Forcing herself into a standing position, she grabbed a broom and rounded the counter. There were sprinkles literally everywhere. Biscuit crumbs, dollops of icing . . . a Wonder Woman doll? Just as Hannah stooped down to pick up the toy, the door flew open to reveal its evident owner, dragging her father behind her.

Here’s the blurb:

Hannah Barker has it all. A booming business, a fabulous group of girlfriends, and a loving and devoted housemate…with floppy ears and a wet nose. She doesn’t have time for romance. Or so she says.

Kent Clarkson is a single father on a mission to keep his daughter safe. But when the blonde bombshell he’s been butting heads with all summer proposes opening a dog park, Kent—who’s been once bitten and more than twice shy—goes on the offensive. Soon, it’s all-out war.

The whole town knows the chemistry between Hannah and Kent is off the leash, but can these two set aside their differences long enough to fall in love?

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I was chatting with my girlfriends the other night about when the current week ends and the new one begins. I’ve always considered Sunday part of the current week/weekend, and the new week begins on Monday, but I guess the new week starts Sunday (today). Am I the only one whose freak is totally freaked by this? These are the important questions rattling around in my brain. Life in a pandemic, yo. Enjoy your NEW week, my dears! 😀

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