Heya! How’s everybody doing? It’s Family Day weekend in Canada, so I’ll be writing and relaxing as much as I can. Oh, and I should probably pack a little too. I’m moving soon! 😀

In today’s snippet from Season of Love, we switch the POV to Amy, my heroine. Hope you enjoy!

Continuing from where we left off…

Amy Campbell rolled her mother’s car to a stop in front of Newtonville Hall and shifted into park. There were tons of other vehicles in the lot—much more than usual for a Bingo night. She turned to face her suspiciously quiet passenger. “Is George Clooney pulling the balls tonight or something?”

A nervous laugh escaped her mother’s throat. “I wish,” she murmured. “Guess everyone wants to win big before the holidays.” She reached for the door handle, then hesitated. “Um, why don’t you come in for a minute, sweetheart? I’m sure the other ladies would love to see you before you head off to the city.”

***End of WWW post, but here’s a bit more!***

Amy had already spent half a day in her mother’s company. Not that she was complaining, but chauffeuring her from store to store to buy gifts for undeserving people, like her selfish brother and his mystery fiancée who were somewhere across the world climbing mountains together, wasn’t exactly her idea of quality bonding time. “I’m pretty beat, Mom. I’ve got a bunch of emails to respond to, and I need to start packing. Just text me when you’re ready to leave and I’ll swing by and say hello then.”

Still, her mother wouldn’t budge. Sandra Campbell may have been a top-tier Bingo player, but her poker face was crap. “You need to come inside. Please.”

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I’m mean for leaving it there, aren’t I? I promise more next week. 🙂

My moving day is fast-approaching. So much to do, so little time to do it. But, like the good little procrastinator that I am, I will manage to get it all done. Wishing us all a productive week ahead! Be safe and well, my friends! xo


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