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MAKE ME A MATCH Series, Book 1

Addie Mitchell is a pie-on-the-fly entrepreneur who’s finally ready to settle down in the big, empty house her late great-aunt Edna left to her. Frustrated with her lack of success in romance, Addie turns to another gift her great-aunt passed on to her—the art of reading tea leaves—to aid her in her search for the ideal mate.

Novelist Ethan Holtz is having a hard time sinking his teeth into his next project, but he finds Addie fascinating. Mainly for her ability to make her dates disappear in fifteen minutes or less. He can’t help but eavesdrop on her dates in the local coffee shop, his writing haven, and soon finds himself taking pointers on what not to do from her failed suitors.

Though her methods seem nothing short of mad, he falls fast and hard for the pixie-haired pie-pusher. She thinks they’re all wrong for each other, but Ethan teams up with the tea leaves to prove they’re so right.


2019 KOBO
Emerging Writer
Prize in Romance!


Praise for Steeped in Love

A Perfect Rom-Com

“Steeped in Love was an utter delight to read.
A perfect rom-com!”
New York Times
bestselling author
Kristan Higgins


“This story has a unique premise
that’s driven by witty dialogue keeping the reader hooked
into the flow of the story.”
USA Today
bestselling author

Dale Mayer


“I loved this book. Not only is it funny, but it’s filled with so much heart. It was impossible not to
fall for Addie and Ethan.”
Maggie Wells


MAKE ME A MATCH Series, Book 2

Rebecca Ledgerwood is a physical education teacher who’s ready to invest some sweat equity into a lasting romance. On a whim, she has her palm read before summer vacation ends, and she’s told she’s an old soul who’ll find happiness with a younger man.

William Whitney leaves an unfulfilling career to pursue teaching and gets placed at Rebecca’s school for his physical education practicum. He’s desperate to make a difference, convinced that the choices he made in the past contributed to his younger sister’s death. Kendal High School is nothing like the prep school he attended as a teenager, but he’s determined to make the most of his time there, especially if it makes Rebecca notice him.

Though they come from vastly different backgrounds, there’s an undeniable chemistry that sparks between the two. Rebecca discovers that they have more in common than she realized, and Will teaches her to trust again. But when he’s faced with his biggest challenge, will he take the easy way out, or prove that he’s learned the true meaning of love?

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