Hi there, my peoples! How are you all doing? Hopefully you’re keeping warm amid the crazy amounts of snow and cold weather. I’ve got another snippet from Love Unleashed to share that will warm your heart if nothing else, so here goes! 🙂

Continuing from where we left off…

He’d paced the waiting room floor until he’d worn through the soles of his shoes. Cried until his eye sockets ached. She’s gone. We did everything we could. Numbly, he’d fallen to his knees, unable to breathe or think or speak.

Would you like to come and meet your daughter?

He’d never be able to explain it. How someone could feel simultaneously broken in two and put back together. How your life could feel like it was ending and starting all over again.

Diana’s laughter broke through his musings. She looked back at him with a toothy grin short of two front teeth. “Hurry up, Daddy! You’re falling behind.”

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He gazed at her in adoration. In awe of her spirit and boundless energy. She’d been just shy of 32 weeks when the incredible medical team had delivered her. After two weeks in the NICU, she’d come home to stay. And for 314 glorious weeks, she’d been a part of his world. His whole world. His wonder child. Only one name would be fitting for such a warrior: Diana.

The smoky scent of brewing coffee filled his nostrils. He turned his head and met his own reflection in the glass windows that lined the front of the Cup-A-Cabana. They made a mean cup of coffee, but none were meaner than the one he’d ordered last week, when Hannah had been in the shop and made it quite clear he wasn’t welcome. All the more reason he’d stayed. Stubborn? Yeah. But this turf war they were playing had to end sometime.

Today, he hoped.

Here’s the blurb:

Hannah Barker has it all. A booming business, a fabulous group of girlfriends, and a loving and devoted housemate…with floppy ears and a wet nose. She doesn’t have time for romance. Or so she says.

Kent Clarkson is a single father on a mission to keep his daughter safe. But when the blonde bombshell he’s been butting heads with all summer proposes opening a dog park, Kent—who’s been once bitten and more than twice shy—goes on the offensive. Soon, it’s all-out war.

The whole town knows the chemistry between Hannah and Kent is off the leash, but can these two set aside their differences long enough to fall in love?

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