Happy super-chilly Sunday, my peeps! Is it frosty where you are? I’m about ready to pack up and move to Tahiti. It’s probably not helping that I’m writing a Christmas-themed story. 😀 Speaking of, for those who missed last week’s post, I’m sharing snippets from my new work in progress, Season of Love, the 4th book in my Make Me a Match series. So without further ado, let’s get back to it!

Continuing from where we left off…

Why hadn’t he asked for help? “Stubborn ass,” he grunted to himself.

Right as the words left his mouth, he heard a commotion at the entrance. The door flew open and a dozen of his fellow townspeople marched in. His mother led the brigade, followed by a few of her red hat society sisters and their spouses. He spotted Herbert Moore, the grocer, and Craig from the auto repair shop–the last honest mechanic in the state. Finally, his gaze met Carmen Deacon’s. The vibrant older woman lived in the neighboring town of Kendal but was close friends with his grandmother…and he’d made the mistake of grumbling something about the party to his grams when they’d last spoken a couple days ago. 

Now it all made sense. Dorothy Tully couldn’t keep a secret to save her life.

***End of WWW post, but here’s a bit more!***

Carmen sashayed her way toward him, her eyes twinkling with mischief. The woman was an outright flirt, and her preferred targets were usually men half her age, Matt included. Her even bigger claim to fame was her apparent ability to read palms, and tea leaves, and those wacky-looking cards that told people’s fortunes…supposedly. And she insisted people call her Towanda whenever she played around with the hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo. Matt thought it was all a bunch of bullshi–

“Matthew!” Carmen trilled. “So delightful to see you.”

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Well, I must be brave and venture out into the frozen tundra to buy food. I hope you stay warm and cozy where you are, and I look forward to seeing you all next week! xo 🙂

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