Heyyyyyy, my peeps! I’m back! Hope you’re all doing well. I’m anxious to share more of my WIP with you, so without further ado, here’s another snippet from Love Unleashed!

Continuing from where we left off (Hannah is about to give Kent’s daughter a tour of the dog spa in her shop)…

When they rounded the corner and entered the spa area, Diana gasped. Yep. Same reaction most everyone had at first sight of Rafael’s oasis. The tranquil space, encased by white brick walls, featured a walk-in jacuzzi tub, a rattan table topped with plush cushions for massages, strategically placed candles and potted plants, a plethora of towels, pillows, brushes, and fluffy beds for post-walk naps. Oh, and not so much as a trace of wet dog smell. Rafael was a wizard.

Diana investigated every nook and cranny, her eyes full of wonder. “This is like a fairytale. It’s a puppytail!”

Hannah laughed. The apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree. “Pretty cool, huh?”

***End of WWW post, but here’s a bit more!***

“I wish I could have a dog. Daddy won’t let me get one.”

She empathized with the young girl, remembering how desperately she’d wanted a dog growing up, too. Her parents claimed raising four children was enough work, thankyouverymuch. Hannah had found other ways of interacting with dogs—started her own dog-walking business for neighbors, volunteered at the local animal shelter—whatever she could do until she got her own place and her own Muffy.

Here’s the blurb:

Hannah Barker has it all. A booming business, a fabulous group of girlfriends, and a loving and devoted housemate…with floppy ears and a wet nose. She doesn’t have time for romance. Or so she says.

Kent Clarkson is a single father on a mission to keep his daughter safe. But when the blonde bombshell he’s been butting heads with all summer proposes opening a dog park, Kent—who’s been once bitten and more than twice shy—goes on the offensive. Soon, it’s all-out war.

The whole town knows the chemistry between Hannah and Kent is off the leash, but can these two set aside their differences long enough to fall in love?

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Well, here’s a quick update on my life, too. We’re about two weeks away from officially listing my dad’s house. All the major projects have been completed, and now we just have to trust that the right buyer will come along and see how special our country getaway truly is. As for my hip issues, I’m scheduled to see my surgeon at the end of the month. Both my hips will need surgical repair, and I’m praying we can start the process in the very near future so I’ll be back to my active self ASAP. If you could spare some prayers or positive thoughts, I could sure use them! 🙂 Wishing you all good health and productivity. See you next week!

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