*collapses into the room* Oof! Release weeks are exhausting, amirite? Loads of fun, but really, really exhausting. Learning to Love is finally out there in the world! Here’s another snippet from my brand new book bebe!

Continuing from where we left off…

Turn off my thoughts? She stifled a laugh. Like there was an off switch. She’d never been good at yoga, at least not the relaxation part of it, because she kind of sucked at making her brain shut up. Especially in moments of discomfort. How long does a palm reading take? Palms aren’t very big, and not all that exciting . . .

“You’re still thinking too much,” Towanda admonished her in a sing-song voice.

Rebecca lifted her gaze to find Towanda grinning at her, her deep-set blue eyes twinkling with mirth. Her cheeks held the healthy glow of a woman who loved to laugh.

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She spent most of her days waltzing about the town, fraternizing with the townsfolk and dishing the latest gossip. Everyone in Kendal knew Carmen Deacon. She was the town’s self-appointed one-woman welcoming committee, after all, and she made a point to meet and greet anyone who crossed her path.

Though their paths didn’t cross too often, Rebecca appreciated Carmen’s obvious zest for life and the inner strength that radiated through her. She smiled as she imagined having an arm wrestling match with her and losing.

“Are you ready?”

The question jolted her from her thoughts, and for a moment, Rebecca wondered if her unspoken challenge had been accepted. “For the reading, you mean?”

Towanda let loose a throaty cackle. “Yes, you silly girl.”

With a resigned sigh, Rebecca rolled back her shoulders and gave herself over to the palm gods. Or goddess, in this case. What’s the worst that could happen? “Okay, have at it, Carmen.”

“That’s the spirit! And it’s Towanda, sweetheart.”

“Right, sorry.”

“I’ll be reading both palms. The left, they say, is what the gods give you, and the right is what you do with it.”

Here’s the blurb:

Rebecca Ledgerwood is a physical education teacher who’s ready to invest some sweat equity into a lasting romance. William Whitney is a man who’s turned his life upside down in pursuit of making a difference.

The students at Kendal High School face challenges prep school educated Will could never imagine, but his beautiful coworker Rebecca has known firsthand. Though the chemistry between them is strong, they come from vastly different backgrounds.

Rebecca is surprised to discover she and Will have more in common than she realizes. But just when she learns to trust him, Will is faced with the biggest challenge of his life. With their hearts on the line, can Will prove to Rebecca that he’s learned how to love?

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I can’t believe we’re well into December already. Hope you find some time to treat yourself this holiday season. I treated myself to an adorable dinosaur sweater and matching socks. Because I’m twelve. 😀 But if you’d prefer to treat yourself to a new read . . . Learning to Love is available at the following retailers:

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