Heyyyy, all you cool cats and kittens! #TigerKingjoke What’s shakin’? How you holdin’ up these days? I’m still powering through the first draft of Learning to Love, but I do believe the end is in sight. Until that most cherished moment arrives, I shall share little snippets with you, like this one! 🙂

Continuing from where we left off…

His hands engulfed her, made her feel small and exposed…and wanted. She’d never felt so wanted before. Threading her fingers through his thick blond hair, she held on for dear life. Her knees turned to liquid but she knew he wouldn’t let her fall. Just like the day they first met, when he came to her rescue in that very same hallway. And stole her heart with a cookie.

His knee wedged between her thighs, pressing her more firmly against the wall as his tongue reached new depths. An ear-piercing shriek split through the air, and she had to wonder if it was the little girl inside her screaming in joy about kissing the cute boy, but the distressed wail that followed jolted them apart. Chest heaving, Rebecca jerked her gaze to the end of the hall where two teenage girls dressed in matching Catwoman costumes appeared, one visibly sobbing.

“I can’t believe that asshole just broke up with me at the Halloween dance in front of everyone!”

Here’s the blurb:

Rebecca Ledgerwood is a physical education teacher who’s ready to invest some sweat equity into a lasting romance. On a whim, she has her palm read before summer vacation ends, and she’s told she’s an old soul who’ll find happiness with a younger man.

William Whitney leaves an unfulfilling career to pursue teaching and gets placed at Rebecca’s school for his physical education practicum. He’s desperate to make a difference, convinced that the choices he made in the past contributed to his younger sister’s death. Kendal High School is nothing like the prep school he attended as a teenager, but he’s determined to make the most of his time there, especially if it makes Rebecca notice him.

Though they come from vastly different backgrounds, there’s an undeniable chemistry that sparks between the two. They resist, as they must, until his practicum ends, but when he’s offered a teaching position at his former prep school, will he take the easy way out, or fight for what’s right in front of him?

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This past week I did some major adulting and bought myself a fancy grownup vacuum! A Dyson of all things! I’m naming her Lady Dy (thanks to my aunt Jill for the inspiration), and I plan to have a long and satisfying relationship with her. The vacuum, I mean. Well, my aunt, too, I suppose. 😀 Yay for cleaner floors! I could eat off them now! Enjoy your week, my friends, and happy writing!

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