Wassup?! Happy Sunday, my peeps! Hope you’ve had a rockin’ weekend thus far! Let’s keep it rollin’ with another snippet from Learning to Love! 🙂

Continuing from where we left off…

“Any questions before I take off for the weekend?”

Snapping his attention back to Pete, Will shook his head. “No, uh, I think I’m good, thanks.”

“You’ve got my number. Just text me if anything comes up.”

“I definitely will. Thanks so much for taking me on and giving me this opportunity.”

Pete let loose with a laugh that ricocheted through the empty hall. “You may not be thanking me later. All I can say is, good luck.”

Here’s the blurb:

Rebecca Ledgerwood is a physical education teacher who’s ready to invest some sweat equity into a lasting romance. On a whim, she has her palm read before summer vacation ends, and she’s told she’s an old soul who’ll find happiness with a younger man.

William Whitney leaves an unfulfilling career to pursue teaching and gets placed at Rebecca’s school for his physical education practicum. He’s desperate to make a difference, convinced that the choices he made in the past contributed to his younger sister’s death. Kendal High School is nothing like the prep school he attended as a teenager, but he’s determined to make the most of his time there, especially if it makes Rebecca notice him.

Though they come from vastly different backgrounds, there’s an undeniable chemistry that sparks between the two. They resist, as they must, until his practicum ends, but when he’s offered a teaching position at his former prep school, will he take the easy way out, or fight for what’s right in front of him?

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It’s the last week of October, and Halloween is just around the coroner. See what I did there? 😀 I wanted to be Mary Poppins, but I waited too long to buy my costume and couldn’t find one to save my life, so naturally I’m going to be a green m&m instead. Makes perfect sense, right? But I’m not just ANY green m&m; I’m a canibalistic green m&m who eats its own kind. Perfect excuse to eat chocolate all night long! I’ll be Mary Poppins next year and get my costume in January. Remind me, okay? Enjoy the week ahead, my ghouls and goblins!

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