Happy Sunday, and happy holidays, my fabulous friends! This will be my last snippet of 2018 since I’ll be heading home for the holidays, to the Land of No Internet, making posting quite difficult. So I hope today’s excerpt of Learning to Love is enough to tide you over till the New Year! 🙂

Continuing from where we left off…

As the afternoon sun beat down, she slowed her pace to a walk and followed her nose to the mouthwatering scent of freshly baked pie. Addie Mitchell’s hand pies were impossible to resist, mainly because the woman circled around the town and brought them right to you on the back of her Pie-Cycle. But they were worth every last calorie, and sometimes you just had to give in. Cheat days existed for this very reason.

Addie had her bike propped on its kickstand while she served an older gentleman. She beamed a smile at Rebecca and held up a finger indicating she’d be with her shortly. Rebecca studied the pixie-haired woman, fascinated by her ease in interacting with every customer, young and old. Though she couldn’t claim to know Addie very well, there was no denying the woman was attractive and seemed to have no trouble attracting the attention of males. She wondered if Addie had a boyfriend. Of course she has a boyfriend, the woman bakes pies for a living; she probably has to beat guys back with a rolling pin.

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One more week of teaching, then Christmas break will finally be here! And there will be peace on earth and in every school hallway…at least until January 7th. 😀 I wish you a beautiful, joyful holiday season and hope 2019 is a positive and productive year for all of us! Take care and see you in the New Year! xoxo

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