Weekend Writing Warriors #27!

Heya, folks! Sorry about missing last week. I forgot I’d be at my Dad’s place (a.k.a The Land Without Internet). On the plus side, that bought you a bonus week before the end of Steeped in Love. But now the time has come, I’m afraid. Hope you’ve enjoyed the snippets I’ve shared from the first chapter. Without further ado, here’s the final one.

Continuing from where we left off….

“I have another date on Friday,” she blurted.

“Hope he’s thick-skinned.”

Rolling her eyes, she said, “I’ll be sure to not ask for your opinion about it.”

“I’ll pretend to care.” 

Addie turned on her heel, biting her lip to keep the grin that threatened from breaking free. She was already looking forward to Friday, and the possibility of sparring with Ethan again had nothing to do with it. Much.

Here’s the blurb:

Addie Mitchell is a pie-on-the-fly entrepreneur who’s finally ready to settle down in the big, empty house her late great-aunt Edna left to her. Frustrated with her lack of success in romance, Addie turns to another gift her great-aunt passed on to her—the art of reading tea leaves—to aid her in her search for the ideal mate. 

Novelist Ethan Holtz is having a hard time sinking his teeth into his next project, but he finds Addie fascinating. Mainly for her ability to make her dates disappear in fifteen minutes or less. He can’t help but eavesdrop on her dates in the local coffee shop, his writing haven, and soon finds himself taking pointers on what not to do from her failed suitors.

Though her methods seem nothing short of mad, he falls fast and hard for the pixie-haired pie-pusher. She thinks they’re all wrong for each other, but Ethan teams up with the tea leaves to prove they’re so right.

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February has started off very busily for me. I’m teaching three Art classes on a full-time basis at Rideau High School at least until the end of the month. It’s totally awesome…well, other than me having zero qualifications in Art, but I’m wingin’ it! My online Science course is going great so far. I just finished my first module. Only three to go! I officially booked my flight to Florida for March break with the family, and not even a week after that I’ll be heading to Arizona with my best gal-pals! Plenty of fun in store. Wishing all of you a fabulous week ahead! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #27!”

  1. Charmaine Gordon says:

    You rascal, leaving us just like boom, over. Is your book published? Fill me in. Regarding your adventures, enjoy every moment.
    Love, Charmaine

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Hee! I’m a rascally rascal! It’s not yet published, but I’ve entered it into the Golden Heart, which I hope will be a huge step in that direction. 🙂 I’ll keep ya posted!

      I will absolutely enjoy every moment, my friend. Lots of love back to you! xo

  2. Nancy Gideon says:

    Love the chemistry, here! Sad to see this one go . . . Where ya heading in AZ? I’ll be in Tucson in March. Can’t wait to escape MI!

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Thanks so much, Nancy! So glad you’ve enjoyed it. 🙂

      I’m heading to Phoenix from March 22-27. We’ll have to yell ‘Hi!’ really loudly to each other! I can’t wait to escape Ottawa! lol

    2. Ed Hoornaert says:

      I enjoy the breezy goodwill that suffuses your story. For some reason it reminds me of Sex in the City.

      And enjoy Arizona (where I live now). My brother in law used to say that northerners come to Tucson in March and think they’ve died and gone to heaven. If they come back in July, they realize they’ve gone the other way.

      1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

        I will gladly take a comparison to Sex in the City! Thanks so much, Ed!

        LOL, that’s good to know. *makes a note to avoid Arizona in the summer*

  3. Veronica Scott says:

    I do relish the banter between these two! Enjoyed the excerpt as always…have a fun vacation trip!

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Aww, thanks so much, Veronica! I had a blast writing their banter.

      I’m sure my vacations will be the funnest ever! 😀

  4. Botanist says:

    Wonderful interactions between these two. I’ve enjoyed reading them.

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Well, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment! 🙂

  5. Teresa Cypher says:

    You are killing me! I just checked Amazon. The book isn’t there yet. When will it be available? 🙂

    Enjoy your trips south!

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Lol, not my intention. 😉 It’s still under some construction, but I entered it into the Golden Heart, so hopefully that will ramp up the publication process when the time comes. Thanks, Teresa!

  6. Christina Ochs says:

    Guess they’re going to drag this out awhile, aren’t they?

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Well, yeaaaah. Can’t solve all their problems in a chapter. 😉 Lol thanks for reading, Christina!

  7. Carol says:

    I’m so, so sad this is over. Hey, could I barter your almost-sister’s art knowledge for getting to read the rest of the story? I mean, she’s not doing anything else other than working full-time and growing twins. Let me know your terms!
    Love Addie, love Ethan, love YOU!!!!

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Yeah, feel free to send her right over here. She doesn’t sound busy at all. 😉 But, hey, since I’m so nice, I might be willing to share anyway…because I love YOU more! xoxo

  8. Elizabeth Alsobrooks says:

    Don’t look now, tea-totaler, but I think you’re looking forward to your nondate more. Great interaction!

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Hee! Love the pun, and I think you’re absolutely right! 😀 Thanks, Elizabeth!

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