Weekend Writing Warriors #11!


Greetings and salutations! It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canuckland! I’m very thankful for all of you and the support and encouragement you provide each week, not to mention the fabulous reading material! Hey, here’s some more Steeped in Love for you!

Continuing from where we left off. Gwen just informed Ethan that Addie is trying online dating, and even searching the singles ads in the local newspaper, where she found her current date. We’ll take it from there….

“Is that safe?”

Gwen laughed. “We’re not known for harboring criminals in Kendal, unless eating too much pie is a crime, but I’d happily do time for that.”

So this woman, this baker of supposedly scrumptious pies, was looking for love in a newspaper. Could it really be that simple? Ethan pulled his laptop closer and wiggled the cursor to wake it. “He seems to be doing well so far,” he grudgingly admitted.

“Keep me posted,” Gwen said.

He barely heard her over his fingers tapping frantically against the keys. The Girl Who Made Headlines: Chapter One. 

Here’s the blurb:

Addie Mitchell is a pie-on-the-fly entrepreneur who’s finally ready to settle down in the big, empty house her late great-aunt Edna left to her. Frustrated with her lack of success in romance, Addie turns to another gift her great-aunt passed on to her—the art of reading tea leaves—to aid her in her search for the ideal mate. 

Novelist Ethan Holtz is having a hard time sinking his teeth into his next project, but he finds Addie fascinating. Mainly for her ability to make her dates disappear in fifteen minutes or less. He can’t help but eavesdrop on her dates in the local coffee shop, his writing haven, and soon finds himself taking pointers on what not to do from her failed suitors.

Though her methods seem nothing short of mad, he falls fast and hard for the pixie-haired pie-pusher. She thinks they’re all wrong for each other, but Ethan teams up with the tea leaves to prove they’re so right.

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I had the BEST time yesterday celebrating Thanksgiving with Dad’s side of the family! Our festivities included golf, a bocce tournament, Trump mocking, and an incredible dinner of roast pork, homemade apple sauce, all kinds of fall vegetables, cabbage salad, Greek salad, and pumpkin pie with ten pounds of whipped cream on top — my doing, of course. 😀 I’ll be spending today trying to wake up from my food coma. Hope the rest of you have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

28 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #11!”

  1. Nancy Gideon says:

    “Unless eating too much pie is a crime…” LOVE it, Julie. What a unique set up for romance. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Veronica Scott says:

    Really enjoying this story and the characters…I want to go there and have a piece of pie myself. Great snippet!

  3. Margaret Ethridge says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite turkey! <3 <3 <3

  4. Frank Fisher says:

    An intriguing and delicious snippet, Julie! This seems like a very engaging snippet. Happy Thanksgiving from a fellow Canuck! I see you’re based in Ottawa. I’m moving there next year for graduate school.

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Thanks so much, Frank! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Ottawa is a beautiful, active city. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do! 🙂

  5. Kim M says:

    I love this story, Julie. It has a freshness that is very compelling. Nicely done!

  6. Charmaine Gordon says:

    Totally different and inventive, my friend. This is a winner! Pass the pie. Thanks.

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Woohoo! So happy you think so, Charmaine! *slides over a slice* 😀 Thank YOU!

  7. Elyzabeth M. VaLey says:

    I want pie! Other than that, I love the snippet! I wonder what he’ll do next.

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      I think I’ve succeeded in making everyone crave pie. lol. Thanks, Elyzabeth! 🙂

  8. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Stories like this, where one character knows things the other doesn’t, present delicious opportunities to ‘torture’ the unawares characters. Great setup.

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      It’s so much fun being the puppet master. lol. Thanks, Ed! 🙂

  9. Christina Ochs says:

    It’s easy to be inspired by pie! Happy Thanksgiving! Your meal sounds absolutely scrumptious.

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Amen to that! Thanks, Christina! It tasted entirely TOO scrumptious, but hey, it’s only once a year. 😀

  10. Carol says:

    Ah-ha! Inspiration strikes Ethan! This is such an adorable setup for the story. I can’t wait until we get some facetime with Addie.
    Here I thought Trump mocking was confined to the US. Of course, it’s probably easier to mock him when you’re not terrified it could become a reality.
    Happy Thanksgiving! We ate out for brunch today, and come to think of it, they had turkey and stuffing as a selection. Maybe that was why, they were honouring our neighbours to Nourth!

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Oh, Trump mocking is one of our favourite pastimes! lol. My dad accidentally called a turnip and trump, and things just spiraled from there. Well, they’re both orange. 😉

      Did you add that extra U on purpose? I <3 you! Tomorrow is our official day of Thanks, but I'm thankful for you every day!

  11. Amy Braun says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian! Very cute snippet. 😀

  12. Caitlin Stern says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Inspiration is good… but I’m not sure she’ll appreciate being his muse!

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      You’ll just have to wait and see! Thanks, Caitlin! 🙂

  13. Diane Burton says:

    I am really enjoying these snippets. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the Canadian writers here.

    1. Julie Evelyn Joyce says:

      Many thanks, Diane! You’re just in time for Thanksgiving, in fact. Today is our actual holiday! 🙂

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