Weekend Writing Warriors #1!


Hey, hi, hello! Welcome to my new blog, fellow Warriors! Since this is a fresh start for me, I’ll be kicking things off with some snippets from my newest story, Steeped in Love. It’s currently in the hands of several publishers and will hopefully find a home soon! I’ll share the blurb after the excerpt, which starts now!

First post

New blog partay!

Well, hello there, my friends! Come on in, relax, get comfy, grab a drink and a snack! Welcome to my new blog! Don’t you love it? I seriously can’t stop staring at the adorable couple kissing on the bike, yet I can’t help but wonder how uncomfortable that girl must be sitting on the handlebar. I mean, bike seats aren’t even comfortable. Imagine a metal bar jammed against your posterior. Yes, I’ve probably thought about this too much.