Single guys should come with warning labels…

For those who’ve experienced the world of online dating, you know that profiles can only reveal so much about your prospective matches. Some guys are very upfront and honest. If they have kids, they say so, and in some cases they even post pictures of themselves with their kids. If they’re covered in tatts or piercings, usually those will be revealed in the obligatory shirtless pic in front of a dirty bathroom mirror. If they like exotic animals, you’re guaranteed to see a tiger or an anaconda pop up in one of the photos. Sometimes other anacondas pop up…which results in a hard swipe to the left.


Jump (for my love)!

Greetings and salutations! Monsieur Murray and I went on date numéro quatre last night. I’ll now share the highlights, in pictures! 🙂

Philippe picked me up in Orange Crush and just started driving right away. I had no idea where we were going. Then, he pulled into a parking lot in downtown Ottawa and we walked along a path that led us to this beautiful sight:


Shh! We’re on a make-out!

Date numéro trois = très success!

My français = très bon!

Oh, hi! So Philly Cheese Steak (btw, I’m apparently not the first person who’s called him this) and I went on our third date last night. Our second date, last Friday, was another winner. We went for Thai food at my fave place, followed by a walk along the canal, and capped things off with BeaverTails by the lake. I think most of you know by now I’m not being dirty when I say that. They’re actual things you can eat. Heavenly, I tell you.