Weekend Writing Warriors #52!

Gooooood morning, all you fabulous people! This is the 52nd Sunday snippet I’ve posted on my not-so-new-anymore blog, which is a whole year’s worth of writing! How cool is that? Thanks to all of you for visiting each and every Sunday. Now, here’s a special treat for your loyalty…a hot and fresh snippet from Steeped in Love! 🙂


Weekend Writing Warriors #51!

Happy October! Happy Fall! Happy Sunday! Happy happy! 😀

Hiiiiiii! I might be typing this whilst under the influence of alcohol. I attended my brother’s wife’s sister’s wedding (does that sound as complicated as I think it does?) on Saturday, and the party is still a’rockin’! So, let’s get things rockin’ here, too, with another snippet from Steeped in Love…my newly COMPLETED story!


Weekend Writing Warriors #50!

Hey there, fellow warriors and wordsmiths! Happy Sunday! As I type this, I’m busily working away on my novel, Steeped in Love (yes, you can totally type two things at once), with a goal of finishing it by the end of the night. And I WILL finish it! Yes, I will! I will, too! I know you are, but what am I?

Anywho, while I’m arguing with myself, here, have another free sample of Steeped!


Weekend Writing Warriors #48!

Hey-ohhh! Here we are, back together again for another Sunday of reading, writing, and warrior-ing. But the true warriors among us this week are the ones facing Irma’s wrath. I hope these few minutes of escape will bring some comfort to those of you who need it most right now. Here’s more from Steeped in Love.


Hitting all the right notes

Hey-hey, my peeps! How’s everybody doing? Summer is winding down, but my dating life is still going full steam ahead. You remember those two guys I dated in one day a couple Saturdays ago? Yeah, so they’re now both out of the picture. *whistles innocently* But that left room for a new bachelor to move in, a fella by the name of Matthew.

He and I met on OKCupid and chatted with each other for a while. In his bio, he mentioned that he enjoyed singing in the shower, frisbee, rhythmic gymnastics, and hugging.


The Dating Game!

Hellooooo, everybody out there! Today is a very special day! I’m giving you the chance to help me decide between two bachelors. You see, I recently went on a double date. No, not a traditional double date. A two-dates-in-one-day double date. Two guys, one girl (me), approximately eight hours of dating,  No small feat.

I was kind of hoping one of the dates would suck, just to make my life easier. But, no. They were both annoyingly great. And so here’s where you all come in. I’m going to tell you about each date/guy, and you choose your fave. I may or may not agree with you. Ready to play The Dating Game? Let’s do it!

ETA: Some pictures have since been removed.